{ About me }


There are moments, fleeting and priceless visuals amidst the day to day which make me want to stop dead in my tracks and capture what it is that I'm seeing. This is my obsession with photography - that I can place those escaping minutes into a frame to observe and relive for days, for months, for years. After seeing my first developed photograph, I didn't want to explore my world in any  way but through the lens. It's an obsession with observation; with simplicity, clarity, raw beauty and truth. It's seeing the goodness of the human heart, catching the glimpse of a smile or a whisper. The true essence of a moment, a place, a memory. I want to capture it all and make it immortal. And indeed, the possibilities are endless.

So thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy what you see and I truly look forward to hearing from you!

Contact : Regina.Gavrilova@gmail.com


Equipment used

Canon 5D Mark III

Canon Lens - 50 mm

Canon Lens - 135mm 

Canon Lens - 17-40 mm